Homeless dog who lived on streets for eight years needs a roof over his head

He spent eight years living rough on the streets and now he’s desperate for a roof over his head.

Buddy the 12-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier cross is a “gentle soul” looking for a loving family with a warm sofa to snooze on.

The old boy arrived at Dogs Trust Merseyside after his homeless owner finally found accommodation, but sadly couldn’t take Buddy with him to his new home.

Manager Georgina Lowery says: “It is such a sad situation. Buddy was a much-loved dog but when his owner was finally able to get some stability, Buddy couldn’t stay with him and he had to make the heart-breaking decision to hand him over to us.”

Staff at the centre say Buddy is a “gorgeous older gentleman” who has been well cared for.

Considering everything he would have experienced over the last eight years, it’s no surprise that nothing seems to faze him.

He loves gentle walks and playing with his toys, especially tennis balls, and would make a great family dog.

“Sadly although he has been with us since April, nobody has fallen in love with him yet, which we find hard to believe,” Georgina added.

Only one family has enquired about Buddy during that time, despite the team’s best efforts.

Now they are hoping that he won’t have to wait much longer to find a best buddy of his own.

Georgina says: “Buddy can live with children aged ten and over, he is a calm boy with a great personality and now he’s older, although he’s great fun to be around, he doesn’t need taking out on long walks.

“He has shown some signs of confusion, as we all do as we get older, but we think that may largely be down to the incredible amount of change he has had to deal with recently.”

Buddy’s “gorgeous personality” has already been shaped and the team are confident that he’ll fit in really easily with a loving family.

“He just needs someone to see beyond his age so he can enjoy the home comforts, particularly a comfy sofa, he deserves,” Georgina says.

“Older dogs do sometimes get over-looked, but rehoming an older dog is a wonderful way to make sure a dog at every stage of their life gets the love and attention they deserve, and they make lovely companions.”