Woman who worked in a prison explains why she’ll never put stickers on her car

Following an abundance of documentaries and television shows, society has become fascinated with true crime and life inside a prison – which could possibly be a fragment of the reality.

Those that have watched popular series, including the likes of Prison Break and Orange Is The New Black – question how much of the truth is really altered.

However, to share light on the rawness of working with criminals, Michaela Katharina has been sharing TikToks about her time working at a correctional facility.

Most recently, she posted a video online discussing the precautions she now takes after working in the field for two and a half years.

She said: “I worked in corrections for two and half years, I actually just left a few weeks ago for a new job – and I did work for a while in a prison.”

Going into detail about the adaptions she will take throughout life, the woman shared how she’ll steer clear from “identifiable stickers” as they give out excess information.

She added: “I will never put one of those stick figure families on the back of my car or put any kind of identifiable sticker on my vehicle.

“Because people can tell if you’re single or you have children and they don’t need to know that information.”

She continued: “I will never correct someone’s assumption about me – they don’t need to know more information on me as it’s just not necessary.

“Especially as a queer woman, I find that a lot of people assume that I have a boyfriend.

“I will let them believe that because for my safety they do not need to know that I’m queer.”

Michaela went into detail about other measures she’ll now take from her life-changing job – from locking doors, not walking alone at night and even checking number plates of cars.

She added: “And last one, this is probably a little controversial but when I have children one day..

“They will not be going on sleepovers or they will not be alone with any adult until they are old enough to have a conversation with me about grooming and sexual assault.

“I have just seen too many cases of children getting assaulted by someone that is trusted – and someone that you would never have thought was capable of doing that.

“So, until they’re around at least nine of ten years old, they will not be having sleepovers in anywhere but my own home.”

Several TikTokers rushed to the comment section to share their thoughts about the surprising ordeal – with several claiming essential tips of their own.

“The last one is 100% the right call and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” one user penned.

A second added: “The last one 100%. My parents never let me stay anywhere and as I grown up I understand why.

“Also… I wasn’t allowed a headband with my name on.”

A third wrote: “Interact with staff when you’re on a date and make sure that you include your date in that interaction so they remember them.”